вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

"Clicks and Fireflies" blueprints

Какой же сегодня хороший день, хоть я и проспал все пары. Зато я выспался и чувствую себя живым. Наконец-то. Вот новый текст. Сегодня из меня поперло. Не знаю что это, вчерашний подъем или пачка красного Честера. Мне просто хорошо сейчас.

Clicks & Fireflies

Seventeen and insane
No one knows her face
No one knows her name
And she lives her life
Like a firefly
With a cigarette
When the cold cold nights arrive
Oh, how i wish
That she was mine
And i asked her once
But she only said: Goodbye
And that's because of me
She never heard "the click"
Well, that's bad because
There're fireworks in my heart

So i spent a week
Writing poetry
Drinking hard and then
Shivering in my bed
But that's alright
At least she was nice and
Now i know for sure that
It's only in my head
And not because of me
She never heard "the click"
But i'm glad that there're
Fireworks in my heart

And love is not a tile work
Love is the air that surrounds us
Love is the ocean deep
It's the wave that absorbs us
And that's nice...

Что-то вроде G, потом С и потом вариации на D...
Так тихо, спокойной и приятно.

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