среда, 28 мая 2014 г.

Drive-Thru Confessional (blueprints)

Late night
Cold coffee at the diner
Faint hum
From the interstate
Same words like:
"I'm really f*cking tired"
Same crowd
Poisoned and astray

But there's hope in the eyes when the morning comes
And we're counting the days
And we smoke our lungs out
The best is on the way
We're bound to believe
There's an honest job
And we hope it'll last
But we drink and we fight like in criminal past
The tattoos and the scars tonight we roll down the sleeves

Strike me down and I
Will resurrect in fire!
Hear me out -
I'm not your enemy!
I found God I...
I am my own messiah!
So loud
Capable and real


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